In a quiet town called Little Happening three couples run shops on a nearly-deserted main street, ‘Mammary Lane’.  Margaret and Malcolm (the town’s former mayor) run The Mammary Lane Haberdashery, Ruth and Robbie (a former church minister) have taken over the clock repair shop The Mammary Lane Horologist, and Irish duo Jake and Jemma own The Mammary Lane Hairdresser.


The town has gone to seed since the closure of a much-anticipated new water bottling plant which planned to make use of a natural spring that runs underground and which at one time promised to bring the town great wealth and prosperity.


One morning, a morning which begins much like every other in Little Happening, a series of unusual events begins to unfold.  Firstly, all of the town’s clocks stop.  Then, the local paper reports that the old church, which has been abandoned for many years, has finally been bought by a mysterious stranger.  And finally, to top it all, the bizarre green-haired figure of Ithanku appears on Mammary Lane and starts to affect the women of the town in a most unexpected way ...


The residents of Little Happening are coming

to terms with a lot of changes to their

humdrum lives when a neon sign suddenly

appears above the door of the old church -

a sign that reads ‘Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory’.


But who is Molly Wobbly?

And what the hell is a ‘Tit Factory’?

And why does Margaret hate Americans so?

And is that a boy or a girl?

And where did you buy this coffee? Is it a new blend?


All is revealed in the hit musical comedy that reveals all ...