Malcolm Brown

Malcolm is the former mayor of Little Happening and he now works in his wife’s Haberdashery on Mammary Lane.  Malcolm has an annoying habit of misreading things.  The town has gone to seed since the closure of a much-anticipated new water bottling plant which planned to make use of a natural spring that runs underground and which at one time promised to bring the town great wealth and prosperity.


Played by

Kevin Hynes (2011 - 2012), Gary Wilmot (2013), Alastair Brookshaw (2014), Ashley Knight (2015)



Margaret Brown

Margaret runs the Haberdashery on Mammary Lane.  She was once destined for greatness as a fashion designer, but gave it all up to support her husband’s political career.


Played by

Liza Pulman (2011), Leanne Jones (2012 & 2014), Sophie-Louise Dann (2013), Jane Milligan (2015)



Robbie Ruin

Robbie trained as a presbyterian minister but gave up his life in the church following an incident involving his wife and some visiting old people.  He now runs his grandfather’s clock shop on Mammary Lane.


Played by

Christopher Finn (2011 - 2015)



Ruth Rack-Ruin

Ruth is a former presbyterian minister’s wife who found life in the church a little too restricting.  She and her husband now run The Mammary Lane Horologist, the clock shop on Mammary Lane.


Played by

Orla Gormley (2011 - 2012), Stephanie Fearon (2013 & 2015), Kate England (2014)



Jemma Elliott

Jemma grew up in rural Ireland and attended The Sisters of Perpetual Premenstrual Tension convent school.  She met her husband, who attended dance classes there, and they now own a hairdresser shop on Mammary Lane.


Played by

Tara Flynn (2011 - 2012), Shona White (2013), Lucy Garrioch (2014), Cassie Compton (2015)



Jake Elliott

Jake trained as a hairdresser, just like all the men in his family, but he always wanted to be a dancer.  His hairdresser shop on Mammary Lane has been suffering from the downturn in business that the whole town has endured.


Played by

Conleth Kane (2011 - 2015)




Ithanku is a mysterious figure who has been seen in various towns and villages in the area over the past few years.  Always recognisable by his shock of green hair and slight stoop, his origins remain unknown ...


Played by

Russell Morton (2011 - 2015)




Kitten is an enigma.  And he knows it.


Played by

Tommy Wallace (2011 - 2012), Samuel Buttery (2013), Jordan Lee Davies (2014), Alan Richardson (2015)